Ecoxell Baby Fluted Panel

Ecoxell Baby Fluted panel offer a versatile solution for enhancing any interior space, especially in Sabah and Sarawak. These panels are designed to draw attention to your walls, creating a captivating focal point. Crafted from durable PVC materials, they come in a range of stunning finishes, including wood and marble, allowing you to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your project.

In Sabah and Sarawak, where unique design sensibilities meet a rich cultural heritage, Baby Fluted panels provide an exciting opportunity to transform your spaces. Whether you’re renovating a home, setting up a business, or working on a hospitality project, these panels can make a significant impact.

The linear designs of the Baby Fluted panels add depth and texture to your walls, creating visual interest that can elevate any room’s ambiance. The wood finish adds a touch of natural warmth, while the marble finish exudes luxury and sophistication. These panels are not only visually appealing but also easy to maintain, making them a practical choice for busy environments.

At Polyron Industries, we offer a variety of fluted panels to suit different preferences and design schemes. In addition to Baby Fluted panels, you can explore our range of Fluted Panels, Fluted PS Two-Toned Panels, and Wave Fluted Panels. Each option brings its unique character and style, allowing you to express your creativity and achieve your design vision.

Transform your interiors with Ecoxell Baby Fluted panel in Sabah and Sarawak. Explore our selection today and embark on a journey of interior design excellence.


Africa Oak
Black Wood
Brown Oak
Cherry Wood


Thickness (mm)



5950 mm


200 mm

● Different Batch, colors might be slightly different, so it’s strongly recommended to place all panels for a project in one order to keep the color
● Custom colors am available. The MOO for custom color is 1200 sq.m per panel width, please contact us or our distributors for more details.
● Thickness tolerance: subject to thickness tolerance
● Colors only for reference & order based on seal sample
● Please contact us for installation method

Application / References