Galva Fence (Anti Climb Fencing)

Discover unmatched security with our cutting-edge Anti Climb Fencing, engineered to safeguard your premises. Our meticulously designed fence boasts top-tier anti-climb features, deterring unauthorized access and ensuring peace of mind. With a focus on both safety and aesthetics, our fence seamlessly integrates into any environment. Explore the pinnacle of perimeter protection today.

Our Anti Climb Fencing is a game-changer in security. It combines robust engineering with sophisticated anti-climb technology. This fence sets a new standard for safeguarding your property, ensuring 24/7 protection.

In Sabah and Sarawak, where security is paramount, our Anti Climb Fencing stands as the ultimate choice. Its anti-climb design makes scaling the fence nearly impossible, ensuring the security of your assets. Our fence doesn’t just deter intruders; it keeps your loved ones and investments safe. It’s not just about security but also aesthetics. Our fence seamlessly fits into the surroundings, enhancing the overall appeal.

When you choose our Anti Climb Fencing, you’re investing in quality and reliability. It’s built to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity and continued security. You won’t need to worry about frequent maintenance or repairs.

Peace of mind comes standard with our Galva Fence. Whether it’s your home, business, or any property in Sabah or Sarawak, we’ve got you covered. Discover the difference our cutting-edge security solution can make. Explore the pinnacle of perimeter protection today with our Anti Climb Fencing. Your safety is our priority.


Anti Climb Fencing
50 Series & 75 Series
Anti Climb Fencing
V Series
Anti Climb Series


Thickness (mm)

3.6 mm - 5 mm

Length (feet)

8' - 10'

Height (feet)

3' - 6'

● Different Batch, colors might be slightly different, so it’s strongly recommended to place all panels for a project in one order to keep the color
● Custom colors am available. The MOO for custom color is 1200 sq.m per panel width, please contact us or our distributors for more details.
● Thickness tolerance: subject to thickness tolerance
● Colors only for reference & order based on seal sample
● Please contact us for installation method

Application / References